How To Throat-Sing
STEP 5: The volume of the resonator

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The melody part of throat-singing is produced by changing the volume of the resonant chamber. To do this, move the central part of your tongue up and down without detaching the side parts of your tongue from the roof of the mouth (or side-teeth), except of course for the vent hole you made in the previous step. Don't collapse the chamber completely: you just make it flatter or rounder.
Try to change the volume as mentioned above while making the "hu"- noise (pink noise) constantly. You will hear the pitch of the noise changing.

(Dan Bennett adds: the volume of air in front of the tongue is also involved in resonance. This means that some styles of throat-singing rely on the position of the lips for adjusting the pitch of the melody.)

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Special thanks to Dan. He translated all of these instructions.

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