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A Happy New Year

(January 15, 1996)
The Throat-Singing Society will offer much more information than last year. Please enjoy music around the world! In January there are wonderful concert plans! Please check the Concert In formation in Sapporo page!

Morin Huurs Import Completed

(January 16, 1996)
We got a permission to import 12 Morin Huurs from the government of Mongolia. In this month(Jan), all Morin Huurs got owners all right. Thank you very much.
Not only Morin Huurs, we are planning to import other traditional insturments, clothes, and so on. Please give us any comments and questions!

Folklore in the Christmas Time

(December 20, 1995)
There would be held Folklore (south-American traditional music) concerts in Sapporo. See the Concert Informjation i n Sapporo page, please.

Saga Throat-Sing in TMF

(November 29, 1995)
He performs his throat-singing in the Traditional Music Festival in Sapporo. See the Concert Information in Sapporo page, please.

English Version of How-To Throat-Sing

(November 24, 1995)
Answering requests from overseas (Mitch Rice, etc) the translation has been done. You can master throat-singing by these directions step by step.
(Please let me know if you notice mistakes on English.)
Go and check them out!

New Audio & Visual Files Added

(November 21, 1995)
Now you can get samples of Tuvan and Mongolian throat-singing from "Audio & Visual Part" of our Home Page.
I added a "hidden"-page to somewhere in "How to Throat-Sing". You can get very important information about where to practice the throat- singing.
And some pictures of our interpreter Miss Bolormaa are added.

How-to Book of Morin Huurs

(November 15, 1995)
One of the greatest problem for foreign beginners of Morin Huurs is a lack of the teaching system. We have recently succeeded to get a how-to book of Morin Huurs. This is wriitten in Mongolia, but we can make a great use of it because of its rich figures and scores. G. Jam-yan
National Press Organization
Ulaanbaatar 1978

Morin Huur Now Available!

(November 2, 1995) Number limit in exporting Mongolian folk instruments. Our society will get just a few more.
The Throat-Singing Society has started direct import of Morin Huur (Horse-head fiddle) from Mongolia. Three folk music fans living in Sapporo have already got the Morin Huurs through this, and five are waiting for the arrival. Tourists hardly go to Mongolia in winter, and this is why we can get Morin Huurs cheeper than usual.
For more information, please e-mail to me!